Bonaire is more than just a diver’s paradise. Also above water the Caribbean island is an unspoiled natural beauty. Over 190 species of birds are living on the island of Bonaire which makes it a perfect destination for bird watching.

Flamingos are probably Bonaire’s best known trademark. One spot where you almost always have a ‘flamingo guarantee’ is the Goto Lake, only a 10 minutes drive from Caribbean Club Bonaire. The Caribbean parakeet and the yellow-shouldered parrot are two tropical birds only to be found on Bonaire. Washington Slagbaai National Park is a popular location to spot all kinds of birds and is therefor a bird watcher’s paradise. Also in Caribbean Club Bonaire’s garden you will encounter with a diversity of birds. Watch for the colorful hummingbirds sipping nectar from flowering shrubs. Just sit back and relax and watch the stunning nature of Bonaire right in front of your balcony.

You can add any activity to your Caribbean Club Bonaire reservation or e-mail us later when your vacation is close at hand. Are you already staying with us on Bonaire? Just walk in our Front Office, where you will find our activity center and we can assist you with your reservation for all activities on Bonaire.

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