Whether you have chosen Bonaire as your temporary home away from home for a dive vacation or would like to explore the underwater world by snorkeling, our on-site Buddy Dive dive shop has the right gear for your. We would like you to make the most out of your vacation and are here to help, so just walk in our shop at the Front Office and our staff will assist you.

The dive shop provides all of the necessary amenities and assistance. In the dive shop you will find a wide range of dive and snorkel equipment and useful underwater accessories. Here you can book your next dive or snorkel trip with one of our top notch dive professionals and buy or rent your gear. To make everything as convenient as possible for you, our dive shop provides 24/7 access to both air and Nitrox tanks, so you can grab your tanks and go diving whenever you like.

Would you like to become a certified diver? Book one of our courses!

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