The grounds of Caribbean Club Bonaire are beautiful with lush, colorful plants and quiet areas. In the middle of this tropical garden, you will find two fresh water swimming pools where you can enjoy your well deserved rest and privacy. One of the pools is located beside the restaurant and the other one is located near the larger deluxe oceanview cottages.

Sitting out by the pool with a refreshing drink from the bar and a perfect breeze in the relaxed atmosphere of Caribbean Club Bonaire sounds perfect, right? Watch the sunset at the pooldeck overlooking the Caribbean Sea and be amazed by this spectacular view!

There is no need for you to bring swim towels if you would like to relax at one of our pools. We can provide you with fresh towels everyday, just pass by the Front Office and we will be happy to help you.


The pool by our Cottage Deluxe 2-bedroom has a Magnapool® system, which uses a blend of minerals that replicates the therapeutic and healing properties of the Dead Sea. The water has a silky feeling against your skin, which is different than the feeling of a salt water or a chlorine pool. After a swim in our mineral pool your skin will feel conditioned and your hair feels silkier. The mineral pool helps relieve stress and anxiety, detoxifies the body, reduces aches and pains, and provides your muscles with energy. You will definitely feel refreshed after every swim! Come and stay with us and experience it for yourself!

As well as being good for your health a Magnapool® mineral water pool system is better for the environment and will help to reduce your carbon footprint.

caribbean club resort bonaire swimming pool