For years Bonaire has been well-known as the Caribbean’s top diving and snorkeling destination, and it still is. But the tropical island of Bonaire has so much more to offer. Find out during your next vacation on Bonaire. On this page we will explain more about Bonaire.

Shorediving capital of the world
When you drive down the coastal roads you’ll see yellow stones marked with the names of dive sites. Bonaire offers a total of 86 divesites and most of them are accessible via shorediving. That’s why Bonaire is also a great place for snorkelers. Pull over, suit up your dive gear or grab your snorkel set and jump in. After a short swim you’ll find a beautiful reef to enjoy the wonders of underwater life.  To make it more easy for divers, our sister resort Buddy Dive Resort has a Drive Thru where you can refill or grab your tanks before diving in. While staying at Caribbean Club Bonaire, you are allowed to use this Drive Thru as well.

Bonaire as a food destination
In the past few years Bonaire has been developing as one of the Caribbean’s best hotspots for food. Most of the restaurants serve dishes where traditional Caribbean is infused with European modernity. Local take-away spots and foodtrucks arise and they serve delicious meals for an affordable price.

Nature of Bonaire
Washington Slagbaai National Park is a veritable bird-watchers paradise with about 203 different bird species. For the most adventurous visitors, climb the mount Brandaris, which is Bonaire’s highest peak, 241m (784ft). There are also a couple of stunning sand beaches flanked by rock cliffs. From Caribbean Club Bonaire it’s only a 20 minutes drive to the entrance of the park. The Dutch Caribbean island Bonaire also offers a couple of hiking trails to walk the picturesque hills where to watch the most amazing views of this island.

Capital city Kralendijk
Caribbean Club Bonaire is only an 8 minutes drive from the centre of Kralendijk, where you will find a diversity of restaurants and souvenir shops. The city is small but lively with traditional Caribbean colorful buildings. Stroll the streets or go for some shopping in the main street Kaya Grandi.

Watersports on Bonaire
Next to diving and snorkeling, Bonaire offers many other possibilities for watersports. The clear turquoise waters of the Caribbean sea, which is very calm around the year, in combination with the steady pleasant breeze, offer a perfect environment for watersports like windsurfing, kite boarding and kayaking.