Bonaire may be best known as a top dive destination, but that just skims the surface of the water sports that are gaining more and more attention on this peaceful and relaxing Dutch Caribbean island. Bonaire is a paradise for kite boarders. Year-round trade winds and the great constant water temperature makes the choice an easy one. There is a designated spot on Bonaire’s west coast in the south that is ideal for kite boarding: Atlantis Beach.

Both experienced and beginner kite boarders will feel at home on Bonaire since two kite boarding schools with internationally certified instructors can teach this exciting sport to those who are ready to ride the wind. Our dive shop and activity center can arrange your courses for you and if you would like to make a vacation of it choose our ‘Kite Away’ package and learn with the pros.

Do you have any questions regarding kite boarding? Don’t hesitate to ask our staff.

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