Bonaire is well-known for its underwater wonders. The best snorkeling spots on Bonaire are just a few minutes drive away, for example 1000 Steps and Karpata on the scenic route. With over 75 different species of fish along the shallow reef terrace alone, snorkeling is a great activity for the entire family. Young or old, anyone who can swim and float can snorkel. Bonaire has some great snorkel sites. Several sites around Klein Bonaire are a ‘must’ for snorkelers to discover.

A drift snorkel from Something Special to Buddy’s Reef is an awesome adventure and a trip you will always remember. On Friday afternoons you can also join the snorkel boat which departs from Buddy Dive to Klein Bonaire for a guided snorkel tour. Or combine snorkeling and kayaking in Bonaire’s mangrove forest, where you will explore the ‘nursery’ of the ocean. Among the highlights are three-inch long barracudas, upside down jellies, baby sergeant majors and ‘dancing’ flatworms. For those who want some instructions or guidance, the activity center can provide a private snorkel session or you may join a guided snorkel trip.

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kids diving underwater photo